6 r Soaker Inserts Bamboo and Microfiber
Price:Rp. 180000

Description :

Fabric Composition:

Microfiber 6•r Soaker - 80% polyester / 20% polymide
One Size Insert - 3 layers
Newborn Insert - 3 layers
Microfiber inserts are not to be used as a lay-in soaker for a cover. Microfiber is highly absorbent and will dry the skin raw if used in direct contact.

Hemp 6•r Soaker - 55% hemp / 45% certified organic cotton
One Size Insert - 4 layers
Newborn Insert - 3 layers
Hemp inserts may be used directly against babies skin. Hemp inserts may be used as a lay-in soaker for the Rumparooz Covers.

Bamboo 6•r Soaker - 50% bamboo, 20 organic cotton, 30% poly fleece
One Size Insert - 4 layers
Newborn Insert - 3 layers
Bamboo inserts may be used directly against babies skin. Bamboo inserts may be used as a lay-in soaker for the Rumparooz Covers.

Wash & Care for Hemp and Bamboo Products
Diapers and inserts that are made from natural fibers must be FULLY PREPPED before use. The Hemp & Bamboo inserts will be at their maximum absorbency after 8-10 Hot Wash/Tumble Dry High. Inserts may be used before they are fully prepped, however they will not absorb adequately until the are fully prepped.

  • Wash all your inserts together on HOT wash, no detergent (unnecessary)
  • Tumble Dry on HIGH heat
  • Repeat.
  • Inserts will be fully prepped after 8-10 cycles.
We recommend prepping your hemp or bamboo inserts at least 3 times and then start using them with your regular diaper laundry.


Rump•a•rooz® 6•r Soaker - Customizable in 6 ways!

The Rumparooz 6•r Soaker was designed specifically for the Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper, but has such a complete range of size and absorbency customization, it can be used in any pocket diaper in your cloth diaper stash!
Those who use one size pocket diaper know it is a challenge to adjust the inner inserts to adequately and completely fill the pocket for each snap setting. The Rumparooz 6•r Soaker is the solution.

Not ONE inserts, but TWO...

Each Rumparooz 6•r Soaker is actually a pair of two (2) inserts in your choice of hemp or microfiber - giving a full range of insert size setting INSIDE the diaper where fit and absorbency is integral! Both the Hemp and the Microfiber inserts can be used together through the different snap settings. Use the med/large Hemp 6•r Soaker for maximum absorbency and snap the Microfiber 6•r Soaker to the top for faster absorption.

The Rumparooz 6•r Soaker insert is a set and includes:

• One (1) Countoured Newborn Insert with two snaps (3 layers thick)
• One (1) One-Size Insert with various snap settings (3 layers thick)

Rumparooz 6•r Soaker Soaker Highlights

The Rumparooz 6•r Soakers is the FIRST one size insert that lets you fully CUSTOMIZE both size and absorbency with 6 different settings!

NEWBORN INSERT: The newborn insert is shorter, trimmer and contoured to an hour glass shape. This reduces the bulkiness that can occur between smaller baby's legs. Use alone for wee ones or snap it to the one-size insert in 3 different positions (including one position for girls and another position for boys.)

ONE SIZE INSERT: At full length the one size insert is a large insert, but snapped down it can become a medium inset as well. Couple it with the newborn insert and you get multiple sizes and absorbency when and where needed.

As mentioned before, the Rumparooz 6•r Soaker Hemp and Microfiber inserts are the "choice" insert of the Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper, but will fit any other pocket diaper as well.


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