Bumble Bee and Hat Set
Price:Rp. 430000

Description :

I'm Bring Home a Baby Bumble Bee!

Your busy little baby bee will stay comfortable, cute, and swaddled in our Bumble Bee Cozy Cocoon.
Same soft stretchy fabric, and swaddling comfort as all of our Cocoons.
Flutter wings of soft satin with ribbon swirls.

The Cozy Cocoon is an absolutly brilliant swaddling concept...

Smartly designed is soft strechy cotton knit, you simply roll it up over baby and baby is completely tucked and held.

Nothing to wrap or snap, no velcro and no fuss.

The perfect solution for swaddling...

The most natural progression from out of the womb to the world.

The Cozy Cocoon is a one-piece baby body sock for swaddling newborns.

Made of cotton knit fabric. Slip onto baby and it embraces the body with a stretchy cozy fabric that holds baby close but allows little arms and legs to stretch and explore naturally. Once on, there is no jerking, startling movement, no skin-irritating synthetic fabrics (we love to use organic whenever we can) and little limbs can explore and stretch safely. They can kick and yawn while being held by the cocoon (and mommy or daddy!) which will always stretch back into shape.

Our designer not only created this  original baby cocoon swaddling but also coined the term for this unique simplistic swaddling: a "cocoon".  With our on-going design work on everyday layette items and unique designer styles, we are constantly developing new and unique products to beautify and simplify your new life with baby!

 100 % fabric &
Made in the USA
 since 1997 


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